Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magic Mike

Last night I went to see Magic Mike with a big group of fabulous ladies that I used to work with at the bookstore.  In case you live under a rock:

So as you can see it's a movie that is loosely based on Channing Tatum's stint as a male stripper.  Ladies, go for the dancing, the cute boys, and the music.  But don't expect the ending to blow your mind.   There was a collective "what the...?" as the credits came up.  That being said, I did truly enjoy the movie.  It was what I expected it to be.  And Channing Tatum had LOTS of screen time :)

There were about 5 guys in the whole theatre and it was PACKED lol

Me & L, waiting for the show to start :)
Photo credit to Tay, ninja picture-taker extraordinaire!

Photo credit to Tay, again. 

 After the movie we popped over to Tim Horton's to have a chat, and it was so great to catch up with the girls!  That's one group of coworkers I truly miss being part of.  And if the night wasn't great enough on it's own, our organizer Tay (you can see her blog post about last night here) somehow arranged fireworks to go off as we were enjoying our sweets!  (Actually they were going off in the Crossing for the kick off of the Canada Day festivities, but I'm totes giving Tay credit for that one :p )


Thanks for a fabulous night, ladies!  I had a blast!


  1. I had fun with the kids but I'm so sorry I missed it :( Next time!

  2. We missed you too! Next time for sure! <3

  3. Sorry I missed this when you first posted it. And I am all for taking credit for the fireworks. LOL
    You'll have to come to the store September 16th when we are hosting The Smart Chicks Kick It Tour! We'll all be in attendance for that.
    Thanks again for a great evening.