Monday, June 4, 2012

Pictures with Dinosaurs? YES PLEASE!

So here I am perusing the app store when I stumble across what might be the GREATEST camera app OF ALL TIME.  Judge for yourself:

Bittie doesn't give an Eff about that T-Rex...

You can take pictures... WITH DINOSAURS IN THEM!  The folks that came up with this are AWESOME.  It comes with 4 dinosaurs to start, and you can buy extra dino packs (including the velociraptor pack... I KNOW!!) for $.99 each.

You start out with these 4:

Each dinosaur has 5 different poses to play with, and each pose looks easily usable, nothing awkward.  Well as un-awkard as you can get while posing with a dinosaur lol  I can't wait for a nice sunny day so I can see how awesome these will look outside!

Little known fact:  Dinosaurs prefer Crazy Straws, but will make do when none are available.
Bittie, I don't want to worry you, but THERE'S A DINOSAUR CHEWING YOUR EAR!

 Prepare yourselves for amazing dinosaur pics from here on in.  My nephews are going to LOVE this!!

If you have an iPhone or iPad, and would like to have this amazing app for yourself, here's the link:

I'd love to see what you some up with!  Tweet them to me on Twitter @Mostly_Mandy :)

**Edited to add**

I took some more shots while I was out today... LMAO!



  1. This is great! So great in fact, that I thought I should comment!! The boys are going to freak out when they see this. It's gonna be all, "Mom, why don't YOU have a smartphone like Auntie Manda?!?"

  2. lmao! As soon as I saw this app I thought of them and the INSANE amount of fun we will have with it this summer! T-Rex at the beach? HELL YES.

  3. That gives "STAMPIN UP" a whole new meaning!