Monday, July 2, 2012

Seahorse ATC

This is a pre-scheduled post because I wasn't sure what shape I'd be in after the Canada Day weekend, and I wanted to make sure I got something up to entertain you guys while I recover :)

Last month our Artist Trading Card (ATC) group's theme was 'Glitter'.  Guess who chose that?  THIS GIRL!!  Thank goodness there are other glitter fans in our group (I'm looking at you, McD sisters!).

I found this AMAZING glitter sheet at Michael's in the loose paper section.  Usually I won't spend money on these fancy sheets because they charge $4 PER SHEET!  Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Michael's, but $4 for a sheet of paper is INSANE.  No matter how beautiful/sparkly/pink/swirly/InsertOtherPaperWeaknessHere it is.  This particular day they had a "Buy 1 get the second for 1 cent" deal on.  That's pretty much $2/sheet, so sure, I splurged.  AND GOT THE TWO MOST SPARKLY PIECES OF CARDSTOCK OF ALL TIME!

Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the full sheet of the pink zebra print... it occupied a space on my desk for all of 10 minutes before I made that cellphone cover tutorial lol  The other sheet reminded me of the ocean, so I decided on a seahorse stamp that I got as a freebie with one of those fabulous UK card magazines.

Next I used my Spellbinders to cut them out in an oval shape.

It took some precision to get them cut out as they were pretty much EXACTLY the height of the die.  Some of them tails and fins got nipped lol

Next I colored in with my Copics.  As you can see, the one to the far left was my 'messed up card', so I always keep those ones for myself.  That's why most of the seahorses are blue, and my final pic down there is almost teal lol

And then assembled!  I used Viva Decor around the edge of the circle, for the air bubbles, and for the dots along the top and bottom.

I'm still waiting on a few ATCs from both May & June.  As soon as I get them I'll post them too. 

Thanks for checking out my creation for June's ATC :)

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