Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tutorial: Rainbow Glitter Zebra Print iPhone Case

I have had more compliments on my current iPhone case, and people are always asking where I got it, so I figured I'd do a tutorial to show you guys how to make your own!  You can thank me later ;)

The case itself is a clear soft rubber case I got on the cheap from ebay for $.99, shipping included.  The seller is easy to find and fantastic to deal with.  Message me if you are having a hard time finding them.

So your supplies:
1.  Glitter in whatever colors you choose.  I used my Martha Stewart super rainbow glitters lol
2.  Cuttlebug & zebra print folder (comes in a set of 4 different animal prints)
3. Old paintbrush
4.  Pencil
5.  Blade
6.  Mod Podge or equivalent
7. Your iPhone
8.  Clear iPhone case
9. Piece of plain white paper (something lighter than cardstock. text-weight works great!)

So the first thing I did was use the pencil to trace around the outside of my iPhone on the white paper. Cut it out on the line.

Next get out your Cuttlebug, put the paper into the zebra print folder & use your A+B+B plates.  Emboss!

Take your embossed paper and fit it into the case. Trace the camera hole and cut it out.

 Next get out your Mod Podge and your old paintbrush.  Use the paintbrush to apply the MP to the first (and second, if you so desire) indented section of the embossed image.  Make sure you have the correct side of the insert faced up, you don't want to finish glittering and discover your camera hole is on the wrong side ;)

Sprinkle your first color of glitter liberally over the MP'd section and gently press it down with your finger.  Tap off extra and return it to the container. 

 Repeat the above steps until you have all the areas filled in that you want glittered.

After it's dry you may want to go back and repeat the process on any sparse areas.


Once it's completely dry, dust off any extra glitter that might be lingering and fit it into your case and onto your phone!  Enjoy!

I could have used my massive Glitter Ritz collection for this, but let's be serious, GR is expensive, so I save it for cards, and my other high end products ;)  In case you were curious which shades of the Martha Stewart glitter I used:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hope For Wildlife - Please Help Support :)

Hey guys,
If you have a spare minute today, please go and vote for Hope For Wildlife's entry for the Aviva Community Fund.  They are trying to raise money to start a Marine Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Here's a little more info from their Facebook page:


Hope for Wildlife is vying for a top spot in this year's Aviva Community Fund competition and we NEED your help! The Aviva Community Fund is awarding over $1 million to Canadian charities and we need VOTES for Hope for Wildlife to WIN!

So what are you voting for? As many of you know, the need for dedicated marine animal facilities is rising at Hope for Wildlife. With our FIRST EVER successful releases of orphaned seals this year, we now know that we have the skills, now we just need the facilities! And its not just seals that will benefit - this is a Marine Animal Rehab Centre - so the facilities will also cater to wayward pelicans and oiled seabirds. We've submitted a proposal in the $50-$100 category to pay for the construction of a facility completely unique in Nova Scotia. We're talking pumps, pools, caging, oiled birdwashing facilities AND an oceanside location! View our full profile at

Here's how you help: Anyone in Canada who is registered on the Aviva Community Fund website can vote for ideas during the Idea Entry and Semi-Final phases of the competition.


How do you vote?: Once you're registered and signed in to the site, all you need to do is click on the "Vote now" button on any idea. Or, if you registered using Facebook Connect, you can now vote directly through our Facebook voting app, which you can find on the Facebook page of most ideas or at

You can also find our idea by looking up our unique idea number: ACF13800

Or link directly to our idea URL at:

How else can you help?: Help us spread the word! Please forward this email to your contacts, tell your friends, share it on facebook and twitter, post it on your blog, post it on your website, pass out and post up mini flyers (attached!), shout it from the rooftops! We have 15 days to make it through qualifying rounds - so round up your troops and start voting!!!


So please, take a minute from your busy day and help out a great cause :)