Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dance Central 2 vs. Just Dance 3

So many people have asked me why I prefer Dance Central 2 (DC2) to Just Dance 3 (JD3) for my Xbox Kinect.  Let me show you why:

Party Rock Anthem on Just Dance 3:

Party Rock Anthem on Dance Central 2:

If after watching both of those videos you DON'T agree that DC2 is vastly superior, then you're a crazy person we'll have to agree to disagree.  The graphics are better, the dance moves are more realistic (not to mention more challenging), and the 'upcoming moves' feature on DC2 is much easier to follow than with JD3.

And that's that!  Sorry for such a short post today, I've got some projects and tutorials in the works, so I'll be updating more in the coming days/weeks :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

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