Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Little Pony: The End of an Era - Part 2 "The Collection"

Well if you made it through yesterday's post (congrats to you!) and are interested to see what my years of collecting have culminated in, today's your lucky day!  As promised, here is Part 2 of my tale:  My girls. Any pony name with a '*' after it indicates it was a pony I have had since I was a child.

Click here for Part 1 "The Pony Room"

G1 Collection:

Pre- My Little Pony:  My Pretty Pony

My Cotton Candy collection.  She was my first pony, and always my favourite.  I have Cotton Candy made in Hong Kong, Macau, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, and Mexico.

My plush*, and the coolest bag ever!
Coin bank & sewing card.

The originals - Flat Foot version - Cotton Candy*, Blossom, Blue Belle, Snuzzle*, Butterscotch, Minty, Peachy

The original 6  - Concave foot version - Cotton Candy, Blossom*, Blue Belle*, Buterscotch, Minty, Snuzzle
The Original 6 McDonald's Bookmark Charms, very rare, limited release.   Cotton Candy, Butterscotch, Minty, Blue belle, Blossom, Snuzzle

Apple Jack, Bowtie, Bubbles, Blossom re-release, Cotton Candy re-release, Seashell

Medley*, Glory*, Firefly*, Twilight*, Sunbeam, Moondancer*

Rainbow Ponies - Sunlight, Windy *, Moonstone, Parasol *, Skydancer, Starshine
Seaponies - Sealight, Seawinkle, Wavedancer *

Long Hair Applejack, Long Hair Bowtie, Posey *, Posey, Cherries Jubilee*, Tootsie, Licktey Split*

Gusty, Sparkler, Long Hair Firefly, Long Hair Medley*, Powder*, Skyflier, Heart Throb*, Surprise

Megan* & Sundance*

Second Set Rainbows - Trickles, Confetti, Flutterbye, Starflower, Pinwheel*, Tickle

Babies - Firefly*, Blossom*, Cotton Candy*, Glory, Moondancer, Surprise

Second Set Seaponies - Wave Jumper, High Tide, Sand Dollar, Seabreeze, Sea Mist, White Cap

Baby Seaponies - Tiny Bubbles - Surf Rider*, Splasher, Sea Shimmer

Baby Embers

So Softs - Lofty, North Star, Magic Star, Heart Throb, Buttons, Cherries Jubilee*, Hippity Hop, Lickety Split, Cupcake

Shady, Truly, Skippety Do, Ribbon, Wind Whistler, Surprise, Twist, Scrumptious, Paradise, Posey

Twinkle Eye - Whizzer, Fizzy, Sky Rocket, Gingerbread

So Soft Sundance

Flutters - Honeysuckle, Peach Blossom, Forget Me Not, Rosedust, Lily*, Morning Glory*

Party Gift Pack - Yum Yum, Best Wishes, Party Time

First Tooth Babies - Bouncy, Lickety Split*, North Star

Big Brothers - 4Speed, Tex, Steamer, Slugger

Wind Drifter, Tropical Breeze

Pony Friends - Zig Zag, Kingsley*, Creamsicle, Spunky

Newborn Twins - Jangles & Tangles, Doodles & Noodles, Nibbles & Dibbles, Rattles & Tattles, Milkweed & Tumbleweed, Sniffles & Snookums

Princess Ponies - Princess Royal Blue, Princess Sparkle, Princess Primrose, Princess Serena, Princess Starburst, Princess Tiffany & Friendly (Bushwoolie)

Sea Spray

Angel, Crumpet, Twilight

Slumber Party Pack - Pillow Talk, Sleep Tight & Sleepy Head

TicTacToe, Mimic, Bright Eyes, Locket

Twice as Fancy - Sweet Tooth, Love Medley, Milky Way, Sugerberry, Up Up &Away, Dancing Butterflies

Barnacle, WigWam

Brush & Grow - Twisty Tail*, Bouquet

Happy Tails - Tabby, Tossles, Romper, Squeezer

Magic Message - Magic Hat, Floater, Mirror Mirror, Windy, Cuddles

Sniffles & Sticky, Jabber & Jebber, Puddles & Peaks, Speckles & Bunkie, Sandcastle & Shovels, Toppy & Big Top

Peek A Boo Babies - Snippy, Ribbs, Whirly Twirl


Princess Dawn, Princess Misty

Summer Wing - Sky Dancer, High Flyer, Glow, Buzzer, Lady Flutter, Little Flitter

Sundae Best - Coco Berry, Sherbet, Peppermint Crunch, Banana Surprise, Crunch Berry, Swirly Whirly

Sweetberry Ponies - Cherry Treats, Blueberry Baskets, Boysenberry Pie, Cranberry Muffins, Strawberry Surprise

Yum Yum, Munchy, Nightglider

Baby Fancy Pants - Glider, Dots & Hearts, Bows, Starburst, Sunnybunch, Splashes

Baby Pony & Pretty Pals - Leafy, Nectar & Stripes, Fleecy & Wooley

Candy Cane Pony - Sugar Sweet

TAF Sundance

Dance n' Prance Ponies - Twirler, Songster

Loving Family Ponies - Sweet Celebrations family

Merry Go Round Ponies - Diamond Dreams, Flower Bouquet, Sparkler, Sunnybunch, Tassles, Brilliant Blossoms

Newborns - Yo-yo, Wiggles, Tappy, Shaggy, Dangles, Squirmy

Perfume Puff Ponies - Red Roses

Princess Brush n Grow - Glittering Gem, Star Gleamer

Sparkle Ponies - Sky Rocket, Twinkler, Star Hopper, Star Dancer, Napper, Sunspot

Sunshine Ponies - Shoreline, Sea Flower, Wave Runner

Windy Wing Ponies - Sun Glider, Cool Breeze, Flurry, Whirly, Moon Jumper, Starry Wings

Baby Sparkle Ponies - Starflower, Gusty*. North Star, Firefly

Christmas Pony - Merry Treat

Pony Bride

Rainbow Curl Ponies - Raincurl, Streaky, Stripes, Ringlet

Sweetsteps Ballerina Pony - Tip Toes

Tropical Ponies - Tootie Tails, Pina Colada, Sea Breeze

Baby Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies - Soft Steps, Tippy Toes

Baby Rianbow Ponies - Sunribbon, Starbow

Firefly's Adventure - Firefly

Glow n' Show Ponies - Dazzleglow, Brightglow, Starglow, Happyglow

Princess - Princess Royal Purple

Rockin' Beat Ponies - Pretty Beat, Sweet Notes, Tunefull

Secret Surprise Ponies - Secret Beauty, Pretty Puff

Teeny Tiny - Lil Whiskers

Birthday Pony

Flower Fantasy - Sweet Blossom

Sippin' Soda Ponies - Strawberry Scoops

Teeny Tiny Twins - Sniffles & Snookums

Sweet Talkin' Ponies - Chatterbox, Talk A Lot

Applause Plush - Cotton Candy*

Hasbro Plush - Bowtie, Posey, Cotton Candy, Baby Lickety Split

Glory, Starshine, Lofty, Parasol

Mail Order Birthflower Ponies - January/Carnation*, February/Violet, March/Daffodil, April/Daisy, May/Lily of the Valley, June/Rose
July/Waterlily, August/Poppy, September/Morning Glory, October/Cosmos, November/Chrysanthemum, December/Holly

Mail Order Tux n' Tails, Lucky, Satin n' Lace

Mail Order Baby Blue Ribbon

Mail Order Sparkle Ponies - Sunspot, Napper, Star Hopper, Sky Rocket*

Mail Order Clipper

Mail Order Baby Half Note (NBBE)

Mail Order TAF Baby Sugarberry

Complete set of Mummy Charms

Mail Order Rapunzel

Christmas Baby Pony

Baby Chuck E Cheese

Lil Tot

Baby Sleepypie

Baby Princess Sparkle

Euros - Lemon Drop/Baby Lemon Drop, Applejack/Baby Applejack, Bowtie/Baby Bowtie


Euros - Snowflake, Hopscotch, Gypsy, Honeycomb

Euro Cookery Ponies - Sweet Delight, Cherry Sweet

Euro - Surprise Twins Pony

Euro - Good Weather

Euro Playschool Babies - Alphabet, Schoolbag, Count A Lot

Euro - Bedtime Newborns - Stargaze

Rosette, the Prize Day Pony

Italian Blossom

Euro - Magic Star, Swirly Whirly, Gusty, Wind Whistler

Euro Birthday Party - Tutti Fruitti

Euro Romance Ponies - Love Letter

Euro Flower Ponies - Bluebell

Euro Family Friends - Mommy Sunbright

Mail Order Cotton Candy

Euro Seaponies - Sea Spray, Wave Breaker, Surf Dancer

Euro Wave Breaker

Pretty Parlor & Peachy*

Show Stable & Lemon Drop*


Waterfall & Sprinkles

Dream Castle & Majesty*

Baby Buggy & Cuddles*

Megan's Place

Lullaby Nursery & Baby Tiddlywinks

Baby Bonnet School of Dance & Baby Half Note*

Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe & Scoops

Poof n' Puff Perfume Palace

Scrub a Dub Tub

Sweet Dreams Crib

Home Sweet Home

Paradise Estates - This one comes in several pics because it is HUGE lol

Pony Wear:
Pony Royal, The Tea Party*, Parade Pizazz*, Great Skates, Best of the West, Sweet Dreams

City Kids, Neon Lights

Something Old, Something New, Sweetness n' Lace, Light, Camera, Action, Pagent Queen, Hearts & Candy

Party Time, Flashprance*, Pony Luv, Pom Pom Pony

Sunday Stroll, Prima Ballerinas, Snow Angels, Ready for Rainbows

Dragon & Sunsuit, Overalss & Bunny Suit, Jumper & Snowsuit

Pretty as a Picture, Get into the Groove

Abra Ca Dabra, Galazy Glamour, Pony-Naut

Various Mexican Baby clothes

The following few pictures are all customized ponies.

The following pictures are all Merchandise.

A shirt and cup from a MD Pony Meet that a Pony Friend sent to me, a G2 shirt, and the shirt my sister made for me for my stagette
These were a re-release of the Original 6 Ponies that Hasbro reproduced in honor of the 25th Anniversary of My Little Pony.  I got one of the first 100 sets made!
These are the re-release of the Rainbow Ponies.

 Now for all the newer stuff!  Please... You didn't think that was it, did you?? 

My G2 Collection:


Sky Skimmer, Berry Bright, Morning Glory, Clever Clover, Petal Blossom

Moonshadow, Tipsy Tulip, Dainty Dove, Sweetberry, Cupcake, sugarbelle

Prince Blue Dream & Princess Golden Dream, Sundance, Tender Nuzzles, Princess Silver Rain


 My G3 Collection:

2006 Breezie Train -  Silly Lily, Fluffaluff, Tumbletop, Honeydew Hum, Meadow Moon, Azalia Bloom
2007 Breezie Train - Zippy Zinnia, Darling Dayflower, Purple Petunia, Dancing Daffodil, Pink Petals, Orange Flower

Rainbow Dash 1, Pinkie Pie 1

Razzaroo, Moondancer

Autumn Skye, Daisy Jo 1, Tea Leaf

Snow'El, Mistletoe, Mittens, Chilly Breezes, Velvet Bow, Winter Wish

Abra-ca-dabra, Halloween Ponyville Tube, Pumpkin Tart

Jingle Jangle, Ribbons & Bows, Northern Lights, Winter Ice

Always & Forever, Wish I May, Wish I Might, All My Heart, Candy Heart

Daisy Jo Egg, Sunshine Parade, Cheerilee, Toola Roola, Lilligiggle

Spring Basket - Garden Glade, Bubblecup, Wish-a-whirl

Star Catcher, Star Shimmer, Pepperberry, Starbeam

Sparkleworks as Disney's Aurora, Disney Build a Pony Accessories & clothes

January Joy, Bathtime Fun with Sweetsong, 1st 50 Thistle Whistle, Breezie, Seaspray, Lavender Lake, Tropical Surprise

Stylin' Rainbow Dash, Star Flight, Wind Drifter, Silverglow, Rarity

Twist & Style Petal Parlor with Daffidazey & Zippee, Bride Wysteria, Crystal Princess Desert Rose
Ponyville Minty's Christmas Tree

Daisy Paisley, Toys R US Exclusive Ponyville tube

25th Anniversary Starsong

A clever fakie

Mail Order Love Wishes & Sun Shimmer

Collector's Exclusives - Junko Mizuno, Art Pony, Underwater Pony, 25th Anniversary silver pin, Fair buttons, Pony Project Auction guide

Fair Exclusives - 2009 Peacock, 2010 Green Pony, 2011 Egyptian Pony, 2006 Frisco (78 of 150), 2007 Pinkie Pie, 2008 UK Fair, 2008 US Fair
San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Exclusives - 2009 Superhero, 2010 Aqua Graffiti Varient, 2010 Purple Graffiti, White Pony Project, 2007 Superhero, 2008 Superhero

Large plush Starsong

Large Plush Toola Roola

Whew!  Well, that's it!  There's my whole collection at it's biggest.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the different ponies, and maybe even learned something along the way.  As always, question & comments are welcomed!

Just one more thing before you go.  

Did you really think I would just post a tiny picture of Rapunzel and not elaborate??  Come on now!  For those of you not in the know, Rapunzel is a rare Mail Order Pony which you could send away 2 Horseshoe Points and $8.95 to recieve.  These days she valued at the mid- to high-hundreads and one of the rarest of the US issued ponies.

I got my Rapunzel from a a sweet gal in MD.  She is the crown jewel of my collection and will be off to her new home in a little less than a year.  You may be asking yourself why I'd ever get rid of such an amazing pony.  Well she has been proudly displayed in my pony room for years, brightening my days every time I came in the room.  Now that I have almost everything packed away, and am no longer collecting, it just doesn't feel right that I should have her when she could be loved by another collector.  I've had my time with her, and it's time ot pass the torch. 

Here's a few shots I took of her at the beach in October:

I may do a few more blog posts of things I do during my last year with Punzie, so keep an eye out!


  1. I enjoyed looking at your photos! I hope you still have your collection :P

  2. Great collection!!! Thanks for sharing