Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adventures in Sewing: Curtains!

Hello my lovelies :)  I hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Last Saturday, hubs and I went out to the PL to go visit his grandparents (Granny & Poppa) and his mom (my MIL).  We had a nice visit, ate some of Granny's amazing scones, and got to talking.  About sewing.  I told Granny and my MIL about my good intentions and disastrous results with my first attempt, and they proceed to herd me down to the back room where all their crafty things are. 

I told them I felt like I needed to start with something easier, and Granny suggested an apron.  Perfect!  I can make it AND use it!  (It's worth mentioning that at this point I'm picturing myself in some amazingly sparkly and blinged out apron that is CLEARLY beyond my level of ability...)

Moving on...

Granny and my MIL then hooked me up with lots of valuable information for a beginner seamstress, handed me an awesome little pattern envelope by Kwik Sew (which has patterns for 2 different types of aprons, a neck scarf and a head scarf), and TONS of fabric!  My MIL gave me what turned out to be a whole bolt of this decent off white fabric, and then it hit me:  Curtains.  (And yes, I had a Maria from the Sound of Music montage going through my mind at this thought.  Don't judge me.).  What could be easier than curtains!

So I did a quick Pinterest search for 'sewing curtains' and there was a Pin that lead me to this blog.  I read through her tutorial and it was nicely laid out & easy to understand, so I went with it.  I did my measurements, rolled out my fabric, did the little cut, followed by the tear (which I did with the gusto, panache & facial expression of a certain 80s wrestler. hahahaha I really did though lol) to make sure everything would be square.

Next I pinned, then ironed, then sewed.  That's really all there was to it.  I don't have them hung up yet, but here's a shot of my amazing seamstress skills:

Here's a couple of things I learned:

1.  If you leave fabric laid out on the floor any flat surface, even for 30 seconds, there will be a cat on it when you return.

2.  Rainbow topped pins are super cute, but if you are using them on light fabric and iron over them, your fabric will look like Sprinkle Party Cake ice cream when you take them out.

3. And just for reference:

I have the fabric cut ready to go for the second set, I just need to get started on them, which I plan to do today.  Or at least by the end of the weekend.  I hope. lol.

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  1. Loved the pic of Bittie on the cloth, that is typical cat. your blog was funny, still laughing, hope to see you soon! Me and the kids