Friday, June 29, 2012

Tutorial: Blinged-out 3D Movie Glasses!

I've noticed lately while cleaning that I have amassed a large-ish collection of those 3D glasses you get when you go to the movies.  I know, I know:  "But you're supposed to RETURN those when the movie's done!!"  Well I don't.  I figure if I have to pay an arm and a leg to see a movie, I'm damn well going home with a parting gift!

Well, the eco-friendly part of me had a FAB idea:  Why don't I take those glasses and bling them out and REUSE them!  That way I don't have to take anymore when I go to the movies, the ones I did take will get used again, AND mine will be the envy of ALL in the theatre!  Win-Win-WIN!

How to Bling-out your 3D Movie Specs!

~ 3D Movie Glasses, mine are 'Real D 3D'
~ Decoupage Finish (Modge Podge, etc), I used Plaid brand
~ Really fine glitter, I used Martha Stewart in Sterling
~ Sponge brush
~ Plastic container

Step 1:

Pour a small amount of decoupage finish in your container.  I didn't measure it out, but I didn't use a lot, probably about 1/4 cup.  Pour in some of your fine glitter.  Again I didn't measure, but always go with less, then stir, & then check to see how 'saturated' it looks.  Add more if needed.

Step 2:

Dip the tip of your sponge brush in the glitter mixture and apply to the glasses.  I started on one arm, then the front, and lastly did the other arm.  I didn't do the backside of the glasses at all, and I didn't do the 'bottoms' of the arms because I wasn't sure how comfortable the glitter would be on my ears after 2+ hours of movie ;)

Be very careful not to get it on the lenses!  If you do happen to get a bit on, use a Q-tip and some warm water to try and get it off.

For the first coat, I started with a brushing motion, but figured out halfway through that I was getting better results by 'tapping' it on. I made sure it was fairly thick, not dripping, but thick enough that it looked more white than black.

 Step 3:

Let it dry between coats, the longer you can leave it the better, though with these ones as soon as it was dry to the touch, I put another coat on.  Try to have a spot to hang them while they dry.  I used my Ottlite lol

Step 3

Add more coats until desired effect is achieved.  I ended up doing 3 coats, I probably would have been fine with 2, but you guys know how much I love glitter lol

After 1 coat:

After 3 coats:

Step 4

Now's the time that, if you so desire, you can continue blinging out your specs!  Add crystals!  Add bows!  The sky's the limit!  I chose to keep these ones fairly tame, but I have every intention of breaking out my super duper Martha Stewart set of rainbow glitters and making a rainbow pair lol 

Now aren't these cuter than boring basic black??

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.  Tweet me your pics @Mostly_Mandy :)

Side note:  I've had this post done for a while, but I've scheduled it to publish on the day that Magic Mike hits theatres.  And no, it's not being released in 3D.  Unfortunately.

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