Sunday, May 26, 2013

Liscombe Lodge Scrapbooking Retreat, Part the Third

Well I'm safely back home with Jeff & the fur babies, curled up watching the Memorial Cup (Go Moose!!) I am absolutely exhausted, and absolutely inspired! This weekend has been great :)

This morning I started my day with another serving of breakfast buffet:

I don't think I showed you the view from our room:

Or mentioned how amazingly comfortable the bed & pillows were. I will really miss them. Sadface.


Dejah taught her card class this morning:

Here are some more of the projects everyone was busy with all weekend:

Oh, there were some 'paparazzi' snapping shots:

Of THIS gorgeous repurposed window that Joan made!! What an awesome project!!!

This is the last page of Karen's nautical album I posted yesterday:

This one was made from a deck of cards! Brilliant!

A lovely fishing layout:

This is Sue's adorable Father/Son album. 

Then I had some lunch. I had these delicious potato skins:

And a group shot (Can you spot Sean Connery???):

Then we got all packed up, then played Epic Tetris to try and get everything to fit in the back of the SUV. We sold lots of product, but added another person + bags for the way home lol 

We stopped a couple of times so I could shoot some pics :)

All in all I've had such a fantastic weekend. I learned lots of new things, ate lots of food, and met so many talented & lovely ladies! Thank you so much to Dawn & Shannon for organizing this awesome event, thanks to Dejah for inviting me along as her assistant (and EPIC ROOMIE!!), and thank you to all my kick-ass readers for following my adventure!

 Tomorrow when I get up its time to start my new chapter of healthy living. Summer is coming and I have at least 3 events coming up where I have to wear a dress lol I will be working on new projects this week too, and will share my progress :)

Liscombe Lodge Scrapbooking Retreat Part 2

I know I said I was going to live-blog this retreat, but the Internet service has been sketchy at best, so I'll just do an uber post right now :)

So after breakfast, the ladies got to work on their projects:

And Dejah did some demos:

And people shopped :)

Dawn taught her beach layout class:

And drew for door prizes!!

Here is the Instagram Mini-Album I chose as my project to complete this weekend. As of right now (just past midnight), I'm about halfway done!

This is the page layout Dejah did for Theresa. Seriously, the stuff that comes out of this girl's mind amazes me! Gorgeous!

I got to the eBosser for the first time and I didn't break it!! Yay me!

I made these paw prints with it:

And Dejah taught her scrapbook class :)

Then it was time for supper:

After supper was time for make n takes:

And I guarded the 'store' while Dejah went upstairs to the prize draws!

Here are some shots of some of the projects these amazing ladies have been creating. I'm so inspired!!

And that's it for tonight! I need some sleep!!! We'll be back at it bright & early :)

Nighty night!