Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I've Been Challenged!

So today as I'm catching up on the blogs I follow, I discovered that bloggers sometimes give each other challenges to write about.  What a fab idea!  Sometimes I need inspiration!  Well, I have been given the following challenge by @Mummy_Misfit (You can read her FABULOUS blog here and buy her equally amazing books here (hardcopy) and here (ebooks)):

Name 5 songs that remind you of a holiday, time at school, time at college/university or a particular spell in your life.

Well, as most of you know, music pretty much defines my life.  Every song I hear reminds me of some event/person/place, so you'd think this challenge would be easy.   Not so much.  I need to narrow this thing down lol

OMG Perfect idea!  My 5 songs are going to come from the summer I met my husband:  2002.  If you did the math, you'll know that this month will be a full decade since we met, So I think this is fitting :)

1.  POV City Anthem - Cadillac Tah:

Alright, this one goes first.  Now you have to remember, I am IN LOVE with Vin Diesel.  Just incase you live under a rock and need a reminder of him in all his glory:

Excuse me... I need a moment...

I know, and you are MOST welcome :)

As I was saying, I love Vin Diesel, and The Fast & The Furious had just come out in '01:  Great music, sexy boys, and hot cars all in the same movie?  Obsessed.  Fast forward to the day I meet J.

We met at a house party that neither one of us were going to go to, but both decided to go to at the last minute (fate!).  We got to talking at this party, and at some point I ran out of smokes and needed to get to a store.  He offered to take me.  We went, got the smokes, and then he was like "Do you want to see something?" and innocent me was like like "Sure thing, guy I don't know and am driving around in unfamiliar territory with! Sounds fun!"  (Well maybe I didn't say it like that, but that was totally the situation lol).

He took me to this garage at his family's place, tossed up the garage door and BLAM!  F&F moment:
Except where Vin had the Charger, J had a '72 Chevelle. That was it.  I knew he was worth a shot.  And that is why this song is the first on my list.  We listened to the F&F soundtrack in his car because it was like the ONLY CD he had lol.  This song was high rotation.  The soundtrack always reminds me of the day we met :)

2.  I Need a Girl Part 2 - P. Diddy, Loon, Mario & Ginuwine:

This song reminds me of being out cruising with the windows down on summer nights.  J lived about a half hour away from me, so we spent a lot of time driving back and forth on the highway.  This song was on the mix CD I made for that summer (and 'left' in his car so we'd have some variety lol).

2.  Gangsta Lovin' - Eve feat. Alicia Keys:

This one also reminds me of driving around, but also going to the clubs during that summer. He hated clubs, but went because of me.  I LIVED for dancing at clubs and the club music that summer did NOT disappoint :)

3.  Happy - Ashanti:

Pretty self-explanatory ;)

5.  Jenny From the Block - J-Lo

This song came out at the end of summer when I started college (the last time I went, and the only time I graduated lol).  It was ALWAYS on the radio, in the clubs, it was everywhere lol I loved it at first, but it got old.  Fast.   I remember that our first New Year's together we went to The Dome (I KNOW, UGH!), and this was the song they played right afetr midnight, and I have this crystal clear picture in my mind of us dancing on the dancefloor and having the best time ever.  If you remember above, I mentioned that J HATES clubs, so the fact that he was up and dancing with me & my peeps, was HUGE!

So that's my list!  Challenge complete!  Now I feel like making an 'old school' playlist and finding some old favourites to fall in love with again.  If you have a challenge you think I'd like, or just want me to do, Tweet me @Mostly_Mandy, or comment here.

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  1. YAY! I love your songs and your memories too. I could feel your flirting and got a feel for being back in Canada too. A great post :) xxx Go the Mandys!