Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunny Summer Weekend :)

It's Sunday night and Oscar is out sleeping on the couch with J, so I figured I'd throw together a quick post.

It was a gorgeous weekend here!  On Saturday J & I went down to the Farmer's Market with some good friends of ours to have a little look around.  It was SO crowded because Tall Ships 2012 is this weekend.

Regardless, it's always fun to people-watch...
It's hard to tell from this pic, but she has socks on with those sexy heels lol Oh my.  Moving on...

We had a nice walk around and then got some fresh samosas and other Indian yummies from a little booth at the market.  It was SO good!  I really need to search out a good Indian restaurant locally.  Comment if you know of one!

After eating we popped outside and guess who was pulling up to the dock?  THEODORE TUGBOAT!
I've never seen him on this side of the 'Big Harbour' before, so it was a nice treat :)
Same place we had our wedding pictures done, almost 6 years ago :)

We walked around for a bit more, took a couple more pictures and then J dropped me off at my parent's place so I could go down to Carousel for Demo Weekend with Mom.  Lots of amazing demos, as always, and a cute little Snowman card Make n' Take.

Today I tried to decide on a plan for July's ATC theme of Birds.  It's due next weekend, so I figure I should get started.  I was able to figure out an idea, so hopefully Oscar will be nice and sleepy tomorrow so I have time to do get them done.

I spent sporadic moments playing in the final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event.  This time they released the Sylvari & Asura classes (for those that are not gamers, ignore all this.  It won't make sense lol).  I really enjoyed the little bit of time I spent on both of those classes.  I didn't want to play too much, because I wanted to have something to look forward to for release.  Here's a couple of screenshots I took.

Sylvari starting area.

My Sylvari

Asura starting area

My Asura

I know you are all dying to see how adorable Oscar was this weekend, so here's some random shots of him too.  He's now 10 weeks, and about 4.5lbs.  You're welcome :)

I'll try to update soon.  Hopefully with completed ATCs!  Tell me how your weekend was!

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  1. Love the pics , especially Oscar in the kitty toy, I'll bet Bittie loves that shot, LOL