Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So this was a TT (Trending Topic) on Twitter this morning (follow me!  @Mostly_Mandy), and it got me thinking and remembering the movies I love the most!  Here's a short list of what I came up with for my tweet:

1.  Jurassic Park.  The original, because it was the best and has an amazing soundtrack.

2.  The Beach.  Gorgeous scenery, great music, and Leonardo DiCaprio.  After watching that preview, I just realized that the dude that plays Daffy also plays Rumpelstiltskin in ABC's Once Upon a Time!  I KNEW he looked familiar! 

3.  Fried Green Tomatoes.  Don't laugh!  I saw this movie in the theatre when it first came out and something about it hooked me.  To this day, when it comes on TV, I watch.

4.  Ever After.  I don't even need to explain why.  If you have a soft side, you get it.

5.  The Last Unicorn.  One of my favourites as a kid.  To this day when I see the crest of a wave, I picture the unicorns running from the foam.

There are so, so many more, but I don't want to take up your WHOLE day lol  Feel free to share the movies you can watch over and over again in the comments section :)

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