Friday, October 4, 2013

I know, I KNOW!

So I know I'm a big fat liar and I said I was going to BLOG MOAR, and then I totally didn't, BUT I HAVE A REASON!

As you know, I have made the decision to sell off my entire My Little Pony collection (check out my blog posts called the End of an Era to see pics), and I'm about a month into now.  Sales are going well, and so far, I've only had one issue, which is great!  So my craft room has been transformed into a shipping warehouse and I've just had ZERO inspiration to get any work done.
About a week into sales, my darling Dejah took this shot because she's still shocked by all the pony stuff I have.  This doesn't include all the stuff in that bin under the table or the other 4 giant bins in the spare room... SIGH.

So now I'm trying to prepare for the Gadget Girls Crop this weekend in Truro, Nova Scotia, and my craftroom has just exploded and I have procrastinated for WAY too long about what to bring, etc, etc.  So here I am 4 hours before I'm set to leave and I'm JUST starting to pack.  I will never learn lol

So I have decided to blog about my weekend, and maybe even do a video or 2 to show that progress I make (fingers crossed).  I guess I should stop typing and start packing lol  Wish me luck!

PS - I might even do a bit of a giveaway if I gain some more followers this weekend.  I know all my lovely wordpress and typepad peeps don't show up on my follower count, so if you follow me from one of those blogs, please comment, so I know and can include you in the draw :)



  1. I can't wait to see the blogs on your weekend crop! Judy Feltus

  2. You did lie to me, lol!!! Good luck with the crop and packing! Hugs, Brigitte