Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gadget Girls Fall Mega Crop - Day 2

Alright, day two complete! I set my alarm for 6:30, but kept hitting snooze until almost 8! It was just SOO comfy!! I rushed around to get ready, checked out of the Comfort Inn, and figured I'd get breakfast at McDonald's or Tim's, but bypassed both in order to get to the crop.

I ended up getting the breakfast buffet at the BW+, and it was pretty disappointing. The hashbrowns and sausages were great, but the eggs were pretty bad. No matter, I ate and got back to the crop room with 2 min to spare for the photography class I forgot I had signed up for lol

The class was put on by Rob Rodgers ( ), and even though he said he wasn't a professional, he certainly is a wealth of information and a fantastic photographer. I might actually be able to figure out Jeff's camera now!

After photography it was time for a group picture of all 155 ladies! I'm glad I didn't have to organize it lol I will scan my picture and share it with you when I get home.  

I was able to tune in for the last bit of my friend Lindsey's 3D Ultrasound after the group photo and got to see some new footage of my godson :) I hope she doesn't mind me sharing his picture!

The ladies from Canadian Scrapbooker were at the crop today and did a cute Make & Take tag with us. I learned some great tips and techniques. 

I finally had a chance to eat lunch around 2pm, and got a one piece fish & chips. It was yummy!

At around 3, they had a Candy Bar! FREE CANDY! It was insane! No pictures because I had to fight my way in there lol I lied, here's 1 pic:

I spent a lot of time hanging out (and harassing) the Cutting Garden girls. I swear I spent more time chatting with them than I did actually working lol I went to supper with them and had pan fried haddock with a baked potato and some cucumber (the cuke was supposed to be shaped like stars, but the 'chef' apparently didn't find that funny lol)

After supper I actually started getting some work done, so I don't have too many pictures. Here's one of the crop room at about 11:00pm. Only hardcore peeps were there past 11 lol
Seriously, there are SO many people here!!

Anyway, it's now 2:45am and I'm in my ghetto hotel room. I'll explain this more tomorrow, I'm so sleepy and have to be up soon lol
Night night, my darlings!

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  1. WIsh I could be there with all the fun!!! Wow! A candy bar? This is so cool! Hugs, Brigitte