Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gadget Girls Fall Mega Crop -Day 3

Well geez, it's WEDNESDAY and I'm finally getting around to posting about the final day of the crop!  I'm usually so on top of things.... I SEE YOU ROLLING YOUR EYES, BRIGITTE!!

So I woke up at about 7:30 on Sunday morning, and that meant I was on about 4 hours sleep. Now I guess I should talk about my ghetto room here, since people have asked lol I guess ghetto wasn't the best word I could have used.  As you can see from the room pics yesterday the room INSIDE wasn't all that bad.  It's the fact that it wasn't located in the main part of the hotel. I had to go outside, through a courtyard by the pool, into another section of the hotel that looked like a motel, THROUGH THAT to the back parking lot that was super dark and creepy, to my first floor room. Now, I was lucky that the lovely Lynn was so kind to help me A) locate this dark corner of the hotel, and B) stay at the crop with me until 2:30am so I didn't have to walk back there by myself. 

It wasn't nearly as scary in the morning, but seriously, who puts a single female traveling BY HERSELF, in a room like that? NO BUENO!  Here are a couple of shots I took on Sunday morning so you can kind of see what I'm talking about. None of the pics would show up on sat night, it was just took dark.

So I had a snazzy coupon for a free breakfast at the hotel, and as you all know, I'm a sucker for breakfast lol 

I basically spent the morning finishing up some projects, paying my tabs at the stores (GULP), and cleaning up. Here are the 3 lovely ladies of Table 11 who were my crop buddies for the weekend: Donna, Felicia, and Irene. You will get to see 2 of Irene's layouts in an upcoming issue of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine! 

So as the day came to a close, I packed up my gear, helping the Cutting Garden girls pack up a little bit, and then headed home. 
This was what I brought, since a few people have asked, and I have a better idea of how to prepare for the next one.

And here's Oscar judging me. Lol

So I ended up ordering a Silhouette Cameo this weekend, and signing up for another crop on Nov 1, 2, & 3! I'm insane! I can't help it! I had so much fun at this crop and I am absolutely going again next year. I think some of you ladies (& guys!!) would really enjoy it!

I know I haven't posted my projects yet, but I fully intend to, after I finish putting all of my stuff away. I'm making progress I promise! 

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my coverage of the Gadget Girls Crop. I'm about to get back in to putting things away, getting some groceries, taking my Darling Dejah out for her birthday lunch, and then off to yoga tonight! PHEW!


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  1. I was about to roll my eyes when I read the second line, lol!!!!! It would be pretty scary being away and alone in the corner room. Can't wait to see your projects. Say Happy B day to Dejah from me. Hugs, brigitte