Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Dinners, A growing Puppy, and Seperation Anxiety.

Happy Monday, Peeps!

Oscar takes up most of my time and energy these days!  Raising a puppy is  frustrating and rewarding all at the same time.  Now that I've raised both, I can say that CATS ARE EASY!  Puppies take WAY more work lol  On that note...

We took Oscar in for his 12 week needles on Friday.  The vet said he's great, healthy, no patella problems (which apparently is common in Chihuahuas), and he has 'a lovely coat'.  He's now up to 5.7lbs!  Two more weeks and we can start obedience and puppy socialization.  I can't wait!

On the problematic side:  He has now learned to escape from the back hallway (BOOOOOO!) and last night he was crying until 3am.  I think he is developing separation anxiety, and I don't know what to do about it.  I have read Cesar Millan's "How to Raise the Perfect Dog", but it doesn't really go in depth on how to prevent/treat SA, so that sucks.  I think I'll have to check YouTube and see what I can come up with.  Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

Saturday morning, Mom and I popped over to Carousel for the Everything Old is New Again sale, and I picked up a few things.  I got there later than normal, so I missed out on all the 'good stuff', but it was still so nice to see some of my crafty gals and catch up a bit!

On Friday night, and again on Saturday night, we were out in Porter's Lake for 2 nights of family dinner's at G&P's and M&R's respectively. Great times were had both nights, and Oscar was over stimulated lol

Yesterday I finally got a chance to pop over to see my sister's new place.  She has SO much work to do over there!  I know how overwhelming moving can be, and she's just moved into a much bigger house that has lots of work to be done to it.  Once she decides her battle plan, I'll be over there helping her clean, paint, sort, whatever she needs.  It was while we were over there yesterday that Oscar made his grand escape from the back hallway.  Sigh.

So today is Monday.  J is home again today because of the holiday, and I was fully planning to take advantage of that and get some crafting done, but now we need to devise a new strategy to deal with 'Houdini'.  Hopefully that won't take all day and I can still get something accomplished lol

Like I said, I know I've been slacking, so I'll try to post more from now on, even if it's a blurb here and there.  Have a great day everyone!

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