Monday, August 20, 2012

A Week of Puppy Firsts

Another week has come and gone, and this was a week of firsts for Oscar.  Now that he's 14 weeks and all his immunity has kicked in, I feel better about getting him out and starting to expose him to new things and other dogs.

On Wednesday we took him to his first Puppy Socialization class.  I don't really know what I was expecting, but in my head it was a few new 'puppy moms' sitting around drinking tea on fabulous plush couches while our extremely well behaved puppies all frolicked happily together on the floor.

In reality it was in a concrete room with about 30 people, their puppies of various sizes/ages/temperaments, and 1 instructor. 

This was just part of one wall, people lined walls of the whole place.

 Oh and Oscar hiding behind the humans.

  He did do a run through the tunnel though, so that's positive!

 I'm sure this week will be better.  He was just checking things out, and apparently the class won't be so large now as some of the puppies 'graduated' last week.

On Saturday Oscar let us sleep in until 9am!  INSANITY!  So as a treat, we decided to give him his first trip to the beach.  

On the boardwalk at Rainbow Haven


We actually saw a tiny Piping Plover on our walk! (Not pictured lol)

Me and my boy!

Frolicking in the Atlantic Ocean

The aftermath... he had a bath once we got home lol

Getting a drink.  The ladies at Tim Horton's were so sweet, they gave him a chili bowl of water to take with us, and his very first Timbit!

We've been waiting patiently to get him out to Shubie for a walk, and Sunday was the day!  He was REALLY over stimulated and pulled the leash the whole way.  He chilled out a bit near the end, but it's something we'll have to work on for sure.


It started off a little rainy, but cleared up fast and was beautifully sunny for the rest of our walk.  We saw the usual squirrels, chickadees, ducks and crows, but this time we also saw an actual chipmunk, and freaking blue heron!  So awesome!

All in all another great week for PupPup.  Hopefully this week's Puppy Socialization class will be better, and he can start making some little puppy friends.

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