Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard = Craft Time!

We were hit by the Blizzard people are calling Nemo (Why Nemo?  I don't know.  It doesn't really strike fear in me, more like the urge to cuddle it.)  So I had quite a bit of time indoors this weekend and I finished an upcoming card class I will be teaching at Carousel in March (Pics to come!).  I also began researching some new projects, and oh boy, am I ever inspired right now!  I will share some pictures as soon as I do my next photoshoot and I promise to let you folks in the loop for my new project before anyone else ;)

In the meantime, here is what Oscar thinks of all this snow:


  1. He is too cute!!!! Love his tongue hanging out! Can't wait to see you course project pictures. Hugs, Brigitte

  2. The look on his sweet face is priceless! having a coffee and catching up! Hope you have a great day Oscar and Mama!